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William Brotherston

(19 -1981)
Lawyer and naturalist

William Brotherston was born in Edinburgh and educated at George Watson's College and the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated BL in 1934, having been one of the founders of the University's Law Society. The year after he graduated he joined his father in the family law firm in Rutland Square, and in due course became a Solicitor before the Scottish Courts (SSC). During the Second World War he saw active service with the army in Persia, and retained an interest in Iran (as Persia became) throughout his life; during his war service he was involved in the construction of the road from the Red Sea to the Russian border with Persia. For many years he was Secretary and Directory of the Castle Trades Hotel which provided cheap accommodation for those who needed it in Edinburgh's Grassmarket. His chief interest was in wildlife, especially birds, and he was Director and legal adviser to the Reindeer Trust. He was also an expert photographer. He was awarded a Jubilee Medal in 1977 for his work with the Scottish Conservancy Board.

In 1999 his family presented to the Library his collection, meticulously mounted and captioned, of wartime photographs taken in the Middle East, some of the landscape and antiquities, and others of men on active service.

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